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Distortions Unlimited Unleashes New for 2022 Jack Widow Prop

It’s only January 4, but Distortions Unlimited is well underway with releasing its new props for this year’s Halloween season, the latest of which is Jack Widow.

Jack Widow Halloween Spider Jack-O-Lantern Prop
(Image: Distortions Unlimited)

Jack Widow is a giant spider and jack-o-lantern hybrid that will go perfect in any pumpkin-themed yard display or haunt. This massive spider features a body that is approximately three feet long and has a leg span of roughly five feet. The spider’s legs feature a special metal armature that ensures the legs bend at the knuckle and keep the spider’s proper anatomy.

The giant spider Halloween pumpkin prop is made of latex and foam and is handcrafted and painted at Distortions Unlimited. The prop also features two LED lights that create an eerie glow from the monstrous spider. Its posable legs allow the prop to stand on the floor or a platform and can also be hung or mounted using the included chain in the abdomen.

This new for 2022 prop is available for purchase now for the limited time price of $398, the season’s lowest price. For more info or to purchase yours, visit DistortionsUnlimited.com.

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