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Latest Episode of ‘Drunk History’ Celebrates Halloween in July

Drunk History is one of those shows I’ve always intended on watching, but for one reason or another never actually get around to watching.   That is until I recently caught wind of a recent episode titled “Halloween.”  The episode, which aired on July 24, 2018 explores a victim of the Salem witch trials, the history of how we’ve come to celebrate Halloween and how Vlad the Impaler inspired the novel “Dracula.”

For those unfamiliar with Drunk History, it’s a show that brings in various actors and comedians to narrate stories from history while under the influence of alcohol.  Then, other actors and comedians act out the narration in separately produced shorts.

The “Halloween” episode kicks off with the story of Giles Corey and the Salem Witch Trials as drunkenly told by actor/writer Allan McLeod and featuring Joel McHale, which you can watch below:

Later in the episode, the story Vlad the Impaler is told by actor Greg Tuculescu. In it Tuculescu explores the backstory of Vlad the Impaler, who is played by Seth Rogen in the short, and how he became the inspiration for the classic tale of “Dracula.” A portion of the episode is available from Comedy Central below:

In addition to the above, the episode features a story told by Tess Lynch about Elizabeth Krebs and her contribution to how Halloween is celebrated today. Unfortunately Comedy Central has not posted this part of the episode online, but the full episode can be watched on ComedyCentral.com here.

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