Real Life Horror

Frozen Zombie Prank That Went Viral on Facebook Lands Two Ohio Men On Thin Ice

Facebook photos posted as a prank

A Facebook prank involving some zombie decorations and a frozen pond may result in some trouble for two Ohio men.

Dustin Smith and Jasen Dixon, who gained notoriety for their controversial zombie nativity scene a few years ago, posted images to the social network claiming they had come across a body frozen in ice while camping.  The two claimed to have found the body in East Fork Lake, an area where searches have been conducted in the past for missing persons and where a 16-year-old boy’s body was found this past July.  In reality, the body was just a zombie decoration and the two were really in their backyard.  The two kept the joke going online for about two hours before letting everyone know it was all just a prank, but word had already reached local authorities and 30 minutes later the two received a call from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

At this time it is still unclear if the two will face any charges for the prank.


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