The Ghostly Ad Prank For Ghostbusters You Probably Never Saw

The video was shared over 77,000 times on Facebook and got over 5 million views, but chances are this ghostly prank that was created to promote the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot wasn’t on your radar. ┬áThe stunt took place in a Madrid subway station and utilized 40 loudspeakers and a surround sound program to imitate the sounds of the train approaching and braking, the doors opening and closing, and the train leaving the station, but like a ghost, the passengers couldn’t see it.

What transpires can be seen below along with the advertisement.

So why has the ad resurfaced? The stunt earned a sliver Lion award at Cannes last week. Wanna see another hauntingly good ad you probably missed? Check out this macabre 2016 Volvo commercial, “ABC of Death

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