E3 2019: Play A Ghostly Multiplayer Game of Hide-and-Seek in ‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’

During the PC Gaming Show at E3 on Monday, Sam Malone of Vaulted Sky Games world premiered the trailer for a new game called “Midnight Ghost Hunt.”

The multiplayer hide-and-seek game lets players play as Ghosts or Ghost Hunters. The Ghost Hunters must use their specialized equipment to track and find the ghosts with the goal of ultimately destroying them. Ghosts, on the other hand, use their environment to hide by possessing furniture in the home and if needed using said furniture as a weapon to escape.

But the Ghost Hunters have to be quick. If all of the Ghosts aren’t destroyed within the first four minutes of the match, the clock will strike midnight and the lights will go out across the map. The hunters then become the hunted as the dead ghosts return as vengeful spirits, more powerful than before, looking to destroy the hunters before they can make an escape.

Both ghosts and ghost hunters will be able to customize their “loadout” to specialize for a specific strategy. For instance, “Poltergeist” Ghosts can remotely hurl objects to confuse, distract, and maim Hunters.

The game will also allow players to unlock cosmetic features by winning matches. Both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters can unlock and equip skins, emotes, sprays, and taunt sound effects.

Currently the game is in development for PC and will begin alpha testing later this summer. Those interested in participating can sign up at

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