Google’s Celebrating Halloween Early with a Doodle Multiplayer Game

The Great Ghoul Duel artwork

Earlier this year I shared a collection of some of my favorite Google Halloween Doodles from over the years. For those unfamiliar with Doodles, these are what Google calls their modified logos that they use for Holidays or other special dates and anniversaries. Today, Google launched this year’s Halloween Doodle and its more than a cool image or animation, this year Google has launched their first-ever multiplayer, interactive Google Doodle.

The “Great Ghoul Dual” can be played with up to seven friends through a custom link or you can play against randomized players from around the world. In “Great Ghoul Dual” you take on the role of one of seven different ghosts, and your goal is to collect as many spirit flames for your team as possible and bring them to home base before time expires. Of course you’re doing this while the opposing team is trying to swipe your flames—and as a team collects more flames, their powers get stronger, including speed boosts, night vision and much more.

You can play the game by simply going to and clicking on the image of the ghosts in the Google logo, or you can go straight to the Doodle and play here.

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