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For Halloween, Skittles Created a Haunted House on Wheels that Trick or Treats You

Skittles Trick or Treat House

As someone who works in marketing, I always love seeing how brands get creative around Halloween. This year in Canada, the people of Toronto are getting a special treat from Skittles thanks to their mobile Halloween activation, “The House That Trick or Treats You.”

This haunted house on wheels is roaming the streets of Toronto to dispense Skittles candies whenever someone rings the doorbell. About the size of a van, and with the appropriate address of 1031, the house has toured neighborhoods in downtown Toronto, visited the Toronto Ronald McDonald House, and will be parked at the Toronto Eaton Centre shopping mall tonight for Halloween.

A creepy hand reaches out of a mail slot on the Skittles 'House That Trick or Treats You' to hand out Skittles candies

“We’ve found in our research that at a certain age, people lose their Halloween spirit, or it becomes more frowned upon,” Mars Wrigley VP of marketing Diana Frost told Media in Canada. “Children stop dressing up or trick-or-treating as early as the age of 12. We’re doing this to show that everyone should still enjoy Halloween, whether or not you’re actually going out.”

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