Fox Releases Posters That Burn in the Sun to Promote Their Vampire Series ‘The Passage’

Vampire’s burn in the sun. This has been part of the lore for nearly as long as there have been vampires, but I don’t recall a time where that aspect was ever effectively used to market vampire television series or movie, that is, until now.

In partnership with BETC/Havas, Fox has developed “The Vampire Poster.” Promoting the series “The Passage” the poster looks like any other promotional poster under the protection of the night, but as soon as the sun rises and make contact with the posters, they burst into flames much like the vampire’s they’re promoting.

The stunt was made possible thanks to a special paint applied to the back of the poster, which was made from a mixture of potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid, which combusts once it comes in contact with sunlight.

During the promotion four posters were placed on the streets of São Paulo where season one of the show is being promoted ahead of its premiere on The Fox Channel. In the U.S. the series, which tells the story of a virus that turns people into vampires, was cancelled after one season. Perhaps this fiery promotional stunt will help the series out when it premieres in Brazil.

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