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Frankenstein Meets Modern Science in New Online Game For Kids

It’s been 200 years since Mary Shelley’s tale of a mad scientist and his monster was released and to celebrate, researchers at Arizona State University and the National Science Foundation have kicked off a new interactive online experience in an effort to teach kids about science.

Frankenstein200 puts players in the middle of the action in a story where Mary Shelley’s classic tale collides with modern science. In this immersive digital experience, kids follow the online story of Tori Frankenstein, a descendant of Victor Frankenstein who is looking to pick up where her ancestor left off.  With the aid of young scientists from Frankenstein’s Laboratory of Innovation and Fantastical Exploration (LIFE) children are encouraged to perform experiments, explore hidden areas of research, and assist the young scientists as they unravel a mystery.

The game unfolds over the course of 30 days and as part of the experience, kids get to take quizzes, watch videos, receive emails from the game’s characters, complete puzzles and more.  The game is free to play and is recommended for children ages 10 to 14 as it does have a few slightly scary moments.

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