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IT Goes 8-Bit in New Online Game from Warner Bros

Title screen from the 8-bit online IT game

Warner Bros has been busy finding new ways to get people excited about the upcoming release of  IT.  They recently made IT: FLOAT the cinematic VR experience previously only available to San Diego Comic Con and Scare LA attendees available to everyone, they recently opened the IT Experience: Neibolt House in Hollywood, and now we’ve learned that Warner Bros is kicking it old school with the release of an 8-bit game that allows players to pilot a paper boat through the sewers to collect red balloons while avoiding dangerous obstacles and the infamous Pennywise.

The 8-bit IT game can be played online via your desktop or laptop computer using your keyboard to navigate your boat, or on a mobile device where you simply title your phone to navigate the depths of the Derry, Maine sewers.

IT comes to theaters on September 8.

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