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Funko and Blizzard Quietly Release Two More Overwatch Halloween Terror Pop! Figures

Earlier this month, Hot Topic and Box Lunch got exclusive Overwatch Pop! figures based on skins from the Halloween Terror event game Junkenstein’s Revenge. The Pop! figures featured characters Junkrat and Roadhog in their Halloween alter egos, Dr. Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s Monster. But since then, Blizzard and Funko somehow quietly released two more figures from the event of Mercy and Zenyatta in two of their Halloween Terror event skins.

Available exclusively through the Blizzard Gear store, Mercy is available in her Witch skin, which was released as part of the 2016 Halloween Terror event and Zenyatta is available as┬áCultist Zenyatta, the Cthulhu-like skin that was released as part of 2017’s Halloween Terror skin lineup.

Overwatch Witch Mercy Pop!
(Image: Blizzard)
Overwatch Cultist Zen Pop!
(Image: Blizzard)

Both Pop! figures retail for $15. You can purchase Mercy here and Zenyatta here.


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