With Launch of Overwatch’s 2018 Halloween Terror Event, Full Details on Skins, Maps & More Revealed

Over the last week we’ve been pining over the release of the new skins for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Event, today with the launch of the event we now have full details on the event including all nine of the new skins, new spooky maps, and changes to the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode.

In addition to the six skins that were revealed over the last week, Blizzard has unveiled new Halloween skins for Sombra, Mei, and Soldier 76. Sombra’s new skin is the Bride of Junkenstein skin that Jeff Kaplan referenced in the September developers update. Mei gets a new pumpkin skin and Soldier 76 can be transformed into Slasher: 76 for 2018. These will all be available in addition to the spooky skins released in years past.

In addition to new skins Blizzard announced changes to Junkenstein’s Revenge that will allow players to select additional characters Brigitte and Tracer. During the event players will also be able to explore a new spooky versions of Château Guillard, which joins the previously haunted Hollywood, and Eichenwalde.

During the event, Blizzard is also holding a special loot box promotion, for each purchase of the 50 Halloween Loot Boxes bundle through October 31, you’ll score 10 bonus Halloween Loot Boxes.

For full details on the event and to view all of the Halloween skins visit

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