It’s Not Halloween, But We Still Got Some Spooky Skins for the Overwatch Anniversary Event

Today, Blizzard launched its latest event for “Overwatch,” “Overwatch Anniversary.” Celebrating three years of the team based shooter, the game has released 11 new skins, three new emotes, and given access to all of the cosmetic items and game modes that have been available over the games three year run. And while I usually don’t get to talk about Overwatch until around Halloween, there were two new skins released that I felt were worth a share.


Winston, the genetically engineered gorilla turned scientist got a new skin for the anniversary event, which converts the primate into a Gargoyle.

Overwatch Gargoyle skin for Winston
(Image: Blizzard)


Ruthless killer Mako Rutledge AKA Roadhog also got a spooky new skin for the anniversary event. The giant junker received a new skin called “Toxic,” which features the character in some sort of toxic sludge fueled suit and replaces the characters usual gas mask covered face with a skull in a helmet filled with toxic liquid.

Overwatch Toxic skin for Roadhog

(Image: Blizzard)

“Overwatch Anniversary” launches today and will run through June 10, 2019. Both skins can be obtained through loot boxes during the event, or you can, of course, purchase the skin with in-game coins.

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