Overwatch Begins Revealing Skins Coming to 2018’s Halloween Terror Event

On Monday, Blizzard announced the return of Overwatch Halloween Terror and the dates the event will take place.  Then, beginning on Wednesday the developer started releasing a skin a day from the upcoming Halloween event. There have been three reveals so far, two of which were Legendary skins and the third which was Epic.

The first skin revealed for the event is an all-new legendary skin for Doomfist. Swamp Monster Doomfist appears to borrow inspiration from both the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon as well as the modern creature from The Shape of Water.

The second reveal of the week was a new skin for Moira. This Legendary skin will transform the controversial geneticist into a banshee, which is fitting since the banshee folklore originates in Ireland where Moira is from. Of the skins revealed thus far, this is probably my favorite.

The third, and final reveal so far was a less impressive Epic skin for Widowmaker. The new skin calleded “Spider Widowmaker” basically slapped a spiderweb pattern on the base skin, tweaked some colors and called it a day. This reveal disappointed me a bit since I was hoping that Widowmaker would be the character to receive the Junkenstein’s Bride skin that Jeff Kaplan alluded to during the September developers update.

UPDATE: The latest skin to be revealed is a new Legendary skin for Pharah in her new Enchanted Armor. She’s also apparently now headless? Or maybe she’s a ghost…Not totally certain.

UPDATE 2: Overwatch’s latest character, Wrecking Ball will have the chance to get in the Halloween spirit during Halloween Terror when it launches with the new Legendary Jack o’ Lantern Wrecking Ball skin.

UPDATE 3: What I’m assuming is our final skin reveal before the event starts tomorrow, is a new Halloween skin for Mcree. This Epic skin makes McCree a member of the undead.

Overwatch Halloween Terror returns October 9 and players will have the opportunity to receive these skins in the special event loot boxes as well as through purchasing them with in-game coins. If/when Overwatch releases more skins I’ll update this post so that you can see them all in one place.

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