Krampus is Coming To Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event

Tomorrow, Overwatch kicks off its annual Winter Wonderland event and ahead of the event they’ve unveiled a handful of the new skins that will be available in special holiday loot boxes and for purchase, one of which we now know is Krampus.

Overwatch unveiled the new skin, which will be a Legendary skin for the character Junkrat, on Twitter earlier today. 

The Krampus Junkrat skin joins the new Figure Skater Symmetra, Gift Wrap Bastion, Biathlon Widowmaker, Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy, Arctic Fox Lucio, and Snowboarder Zarya skins announced for Winter Wonderland 2018 earlier in the month.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event will run from December 11, 2018 through January 2, 2019.

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