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Funko Announces David S. Pumpkins and His Skeletons Three-Pack

At Toy Fair New York 2018, Funko announced an all-new Pop! Television line, Saturday Night Live.  The series includes famous sketch moments like dick in a box, Bill Hader’s Stefon and Will Ferrell’s More Cowbell guy.  But what I was most excited about was the expanded set of figures featuring the previously announced David S. Pumpkins Pop!.

As part of the Toy Fair roll out, Funko announced a new Pop! 3 pack featuring David S. Pumpkins along with his two skeleton sidekicks.  The announcement says the three-pack is expected to be available on the Funko Shop “later this year,” with the rest of the Pop! figures coming in March.  It’s unclear if “March” is the same as later this year, but fans of this SNL sketch will definitely want to pick these up.

David S. Pumpkins Pop! three-pack
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