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Funko Unveils Full Line of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Merchandise

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We’re just two months out from the third season of Netflix’s hit original series “Stranger Things,” and today Funko unveiled their massive season three collection, which is set to hit stores soon.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the collection comes in Pop! form and for season three we’ll be getting Pop! figures of some of our favorite original characters as well as new faces to come in Pop! form. Soon you’ll be able to get Hopper in his casual date wear, Lucas in his season 3 look, Max in her mall attire, Dustin in camp clothes, Will the Wise dressed for a D&D session, Lucas’ sister Erica in her first ever Pop!, Steve in his Scoops Ahoy uniform, Eleven in her mall attire, and finally battle-ready Eleven.

Stranger Things Season 3 Open Edition Pop! figures

The season three collection will also feature a number of exclusives. The above Will the Wise Pop! will be available as a glow in the dark variant exclusively through Target. Target will also be home to an exclusive Pop! only version of Dustin in a vest and his “Roast Beef” shirt, or you can get the Game Stop exclusive shown below that comes with the Pop! and the shirt.

GameStop exclusive Stranger Things 3 Pop! bundle with Dustin's toolbox packaging, a Roast Beef shirt, and Dustin in a vest Pop!
(Image: Funko)

Walmart will also get an exclusive Dustin Pop! with the character wearing an arcade tee.

Walmart Exclusive Dustin Funko Pop! from Stranger Things 3
(Image: Funko)

Hot Topic will have an exclusive Eleven Pop! featuring Eleven wearing a red jacket.

Hot Topic Exclusive Eleven in red slicker Funko Pop!
(Image: Funko)

Hot Topic will also be home to the SuperCute Plush Steve Harrington in his Scoops Ahoy uniform.

Hot Topic exclusive Funko SuperCute Plush of Steve Harrington in his Scoops Ahoy uniform
(Image: Funko)

Finally, Target will be home to a slew of non-Pop! related products tied to season three including blankets, lunch boxes, mugs, a notebook, patches and socks. Check out a handful of the items below or check out the full Stranger Things 3 collection on the Funko website.

Stranger Things 3 Blanket
(Image: Funko)
(Image: Funko)
Stranger Things composition book
(Image: Funko)

Based on the release dates listed on Entertainment Earth it would appear that we may start seeing some of this merchandise as early as this month and all of the open edition, non-exclusive Pop! figures are already available for pre-order. Links to each are below:

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