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With the Release of ‘Stranger Things 3’ Funko Unveils an Entire New Wave of Pop! Figures

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“Stranger Things 3” premiered on Netflix today and with the premiere Funko unveiled an entire new wave of Pop! figures from the new season. The seven new figures join the previously released figures that were announced earlier this year.

The new selection of figures adds a third open edition Eleven figure, Mike, Joyce, Flayed Billy, and the season three Monster in a 6″ Super-Sized Pop!

The second wave of "Stranger Things 3" Pop! figures with Eleven, Mike, Joyce, Billy, and the Monster
(Images: Funko)

Two additional Eleven figures will be released exclusively through Amazon and Target. Amazon will be releasing Eleven in her season three yellow outfit and Target will get an exclusive Eleven holding a stuffed bear.

Eleven Amazon and Target exclusive Pop! figures
(Images: Funko)

The new figures are expected to be released in August with the open edition releases available now for pre-order on Entertainment Earth.

In addition to the Pop! figures Funko has unveiled a new series of “Stranger Things” Mystery Minis. In addition to the open edition, which features Battle Eleven, Jim Hopper, Flayed Billy, Will the Wise, Mike Wheeler, Steve with ice cream, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield, Karen Wheeler, Erica Sinclair, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Eleven with ice cream, and Nancy Wheeler Hot Topic with have three exclusive Minis including a shiny variant of Karen Wheeler, Lifeguard Billy, and an Eleven Variant. Target will also have three exclusive figures with a Dustin variant, Eleven variant and Nacny Wheeler variant.

Stranger Things 3 Funko Mystery Minis
(Image: Funko)
Hot Topic exclusive Stranger Things 3 Mystery Minis
Hot Topic Exclusives
Target exclusive Stranger Things 3 Mystery Minis
Target Exclusives

The new “Stranger Things 3” Mystery Minis are also expected to be released in August.

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