‘Ghost Keeper’ Set to Launch on Steam in 2025

Quest Craft has announced a new scaring experience game, “Ghost Keeper,” inspired by the 2003 game, “Ghost Master,” which pioneered the genre. In “Ghost Keeper,” you’ll once again be able to lead a terrifying band of monsters and challenge the living, utilizing a variety of scare tactics from a wide array of ghosts, demons, and beasts at your command.

Set in the Victorian Era, players assume the role of a canny acolyte who leads a group of eccentric ghosts, bloodthirsty beasts, and demons. These peculiar monsters have unique abilities and develop their powers throughout the game to wreak havoc and fear among mortals.

Some of the monsters that you’ll be able to command include:

  • Night Blade – a true master of shadows and distress. You will recognize him by his stylish hat and gloomy lantern, which he never parts with.
  • William, the Scorned Poet – wields a dark yet beautiful word that can confuse the senses of even the most resistant mortals.
  • Shadowmaw – the dreadful wolf whose howl tears your ears and robs you of your will to resist. Once its fangs sink into its prey’s flesh, it can drag them straight to hell.

But the mortals aren’t the only ones with something to fear. Players will also come face-to-face with the ghost-hating Brotherhood. Their specialized equipment, traps, and knowledge of paranormal phenomena may get in the way of your villainous plans.

The true Ghost Keeper never hesitates to seize an opportunity and knows how to make fateful decisions. Utilize varied strategies, make good use of your minions’ powers, test your strategic thinking, and always stay one step ahead. There is never just one path to victory, leaving numerous methods and strategies entirely in your hands.

“Ghost Keeper” is being developed through a partnership between Quest Craft and BLUM Entertainment. Quest Craft and Gaming Factory will publish the game, which is set to launch on Steam in 2025.

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