Google Assistant Gets Spooky For Halloween

GIF from Google featuring some of the new spooky features

Previously we shared that Google was sharing data on the current Halloween trends happening in Google search.  Now, if you have an Android device with Google Assistant, your artificially intelligent helper just got a spooky upgrade in time for Halloween.  Announced on Friday the 13th, Google Assistant can now help you get into the Halloween spirit with six new commands:

🤡 “Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?

This voice prompt will have Google Assistant ask you a series of five questions to help her determine what she feels you should be for Halloween.  In my two attempts, she suggested a “freaky clown” and a 404 error.

🎃 “Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

👹 “Ok Google, how do I get rid of monsters?

This voice prompt is randomized and will tell you how to get rid of monsters like vampires, witches, and Frankenstein’s monster in rather comical scenarios.

🍬 “Ok Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list

Another rather self-explanatory one.

😱 “Ok Google, scare me

This ask will prompt Google Assistant to share a “scary” story about cell phones with you.

👻 ”Ok Google, let’s get spooky

Get in the Halloween spirit as Google Assistant sets the mood by playing an hours worth of spooky Halloween music and sounds along with flickering smart lights.

I had a lot of fun with these, so if you have a device with Google Assistant I highly recommend playing with some of these voice prompts.

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