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Got an Original Spooky Design Idea? It Could Earn You $2,000 in Hot Topic’s ‘The Scary Good’ Design Contest

Hot Topic Presents The Scary Good Design Contest

Hot Topic has announced their latest design contest and this time the theme is all things spooky in preparation for Halloween.

The Scary Good Design Contest kicked off yesterday and is presented by Hot Topic and Fan Factory. To enter, artists can submit an original design inspired by the spirit of all things spooky for a chance at winning a grand prize that includes $2,000 and a shot at having your design used on merchandise sold by Hot Topic.

Despite being a spooky contest, there are still some guidelines on how spooky the designs can be and should shy away from “gratuitous violence,” “unnecessarily graphic imagery,” and “unnecessary amounts of blood, carnage, or anything too graphic in nature.” This contest also focuses on original concepts, so copyrighted or existing properties are off limits.

Submissions will be accepted through August 7, 2019 and will be judged by Hot Topic’s Jordan Wycoff, Assistant Buyer for Licensed Women’s Tops, Andrew Schwartz, Licensed Apparel Designer for Hot Topic, and Ka McCrow, Assistant Buyer for Beauty & Novelty Accessories at Hot Topic.

For full details on the contest, how to enter, and to see official rules, visit

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