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Hallmark’s 2019 Halloween Keepsake Ornaments Include a Monster Mash Collection

Hallmark Monster Mash Keepsake Ornaments Collection

Hallmark has started unveiling some of their ornaments for 2019 and the first batch of 2019 Halloween Keepsake Ornaments includes a Monster Mash Collection featuring a trio of monsters ready to rock.

The new collection features Dracula on organ, Frank on guitar, and “Wolfgang” on drums.

The individual ornaments will play “Monster Mash,” but adding additional monsters from the collection will unlock larger, more interactive performances from the band.

Each character sits atop a giant jack-o-lantern stage that lights up as the monster performs.

The ornaments cost $24.99 and will be available starting July 13, 2019.

You can check out the entire selection of Hallmark’s 2019 Halloween ornaments here.

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