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‘Halloweentown’ Cast Reuniting at Spirit of Halloweentown to Honor Debbie Reynolds

A handful of the cast members from the Halloweentown movies that played members of the Cromwell family will be reuniting this fall at the Spirit of Halloweentown Festival in St. Helens, Oregon to honor the late Debbie Reynolds.  Reynolds, who passed away in December played Grandma Aggie Cromwell in the first three Halloweentown films.

The announcement came last Tuesday from Kimberly J. Brown, the actress who played Marnie Cromwell, the granddaughter of Aggie Cromwell and the protagonist in the films.  “We’re having a little family reunion!” Brown announced as she shared that she’d be joined by her co-stars Judith Hoag and J. Paul Zimmerman during this year’s festival.  Emily Roeske, who plays Sophie in the films, is trying to attend but may be unable to due to a scheduling conflict.

Their appearance will take place on Saturday, October 14 during a special pumpkin lighting ceremony.  During the ceremony, the cast will honor Reynolds with a small tribute to her and her role as Grandma Aggie.  There will also be a small monument erected in her honor.

The annual festival takes place in the town where the first Halloweentown film was shot, and each year they recreate the film’s town square and host events and activities throughout the month of October.

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