Horror Adventure Game ‘Gylt’ Announced As Launch Title for Google’s New Stadia Gaming Platform

Ahead of E3, Google held a live stream announcing new details about their new gaming platform, Stadia. As part of today’s stream, they announced some of the launch titles including a new horror title called “Gylt.”

“Gylt” is a new creation from Tequila Works that mixes action, stealth and environmental puzzles strongly driven by narrative.

In the game, you’ll face your worst fears and are confronted with the emotional impact of your actions.

Set in a creepy and melancholic world, the game is an eerie story mixing fantasy and reality in a surrealist place where you’ll be have to hide from terrible creatures or confront them as you find your way through the challenges this wicked world presents.

“Gylt” will be available when Stadia launches this November. For more information on the game visit and for more details on Stadia visit

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