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I Scream, You Scream, We’ll All Scream at the Horrors of Robots Force Feeding You Ice Cream

Ice cream.  Usually, its advertising brings delight and makes you think of the creamy goodness of the frozen treat, but a new ad for Halo Top ice cream does the complete opposite.  The minute and a half spot has a Kubrick-like feel that in the end actually makes the thought of ice cream a bit unnerving.

Though the visuals in the ad are bright white, this commercial is about as dark as they come, especially when the robot utters the words, “Everyone you love is gone” and the woman in the commercial begins sobbing. All things aside, a dystopian future with robot overlords who just want to feed you ice cream doesn’t seem that terrible compared to some of the outcomes we’ve seen over the years when the robots take over.

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