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L.A. Ice Cream Shop Introduces Ice Cream Cones That Are Goth AF

In a world where rainbow unicorn smoothies are taking the world by storm, there is one ice cream shop that is taking things to the opposite end of the spectrum.  Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles, California has released a new ice cream cone that’s completely black.  Infused with activated charcoal, the shop has created a black almond charcoal soft serve and a black charcoal-infused waffle cone.

But what exactly does a charcoal ice cream cone taste like?  According to Danielle N. Salmon of Follow My Gut “The almond was a prominent accent within the incredibly smooth and cold soft serve. The charcoal flavor came through subtly and offered a deep richness that lingered long after the ice cream was gone. What I loved about the flavor was that there wasn’t any gritty taste that you would assume would be present when you hear “charcoal” in the name. The moment I hit the cone, I loved how it tasted! The cone is different from the regular ones you’ve probably had and is simply a great alternative to enjoy. It tasted dark, deep, and it was strong in flavor meaning it only enhanced the ice cream flavor you ordered!”

The items are interchangeable, so you could technically order the almond charcoal soft serve in a normal cone, or order another flavored ice cream in the charcoal cone, but why would you want to mess up such a beautiful, dark thing?

Little Damage is open daily and located at 700 S Spring St, Los Angeles, 90014.

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