Ice Nine Kills’ ‘The Silver Scream’ Is Shaping up To Be A Tribute To Your Favorite Horror Movies

Post-hardcore band Ice Nine Kills is set to drop their latest album, The Silver Scream on October 5, 2018 and based on the singles released so far, this album is shaping up to be a tribute to some of horror’s most famous films.

This past Friday the band released its second single from the album, “Thank God It’s Friday,” which pays homage to Camp Crystal Lake and everyone’s favorite hockey mask wearing killer Jason Voorhees.  With the opening chorus, “He drowned in all our sins. He drowned in our mistakes. Fueled by the flood, we pay in blood, the curse of Crystal Lake” there’s no mistaking the inspiration for the song and the band’s accompanying video makes no exception.  In fact the second video is actually a continuation from the video released for the first single off the album, “The American Nightmare.”

“The American Nightmare,” as you can likely guess pays tribute to a horror favorite that has haunted our dreams since he first hit the big screen in 1984.  Like “Thank God It’s Friday” the inspiration for the song is unmistakable, especially as you dive into the song’s second verse: “Fast asleep, it’s all in your head now. Past the street where they cursed my name, but I won’t be forsaken.  Craven (yes that’s exactly how the spelled it in the lyrics) my revenge from the shallow grave where I went down in flames…”  If you didn’t figure it out, the horror favorite is Freddy Krueger.

The concept of a themed album isn’t a new one to Ice Nine Kills.  The bands 2015 release, Every Trick in the Book was compiled of songs based off of pieces of literature, so the idea that the upcoming album could be all about horror movies isn’t that far fetched.  In fact their 2017 single “Enjoy Your Slay” is a perfect song to bridge the two albums as it was written after fans suggested the band write a song about the Stephen King novel The Shining, and features guest vocals from Shields guitarist and vocalist Sam Kubrick, the grandson of The Shining film director Stanley Kubrick.  The songs lyric video even borrows imagery from the film, and is one of the two instant downloads you can receive if you pre-order The Silver Scream CD.

The Silver Scream will be available everywhere on October 5, 2018, but you can pre-order the album or to check out some of the numerous horror themed bundles the band has available with the release on their merch site.

The Silver Scream CD Packaged in Limited Edition DVD Case
Ice Nine Kills/Fearless Records
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