[Video] Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter Share an Oral History of “Halloween” 1978

With the 40th anniversary of Halloween upon us and an all-new Halloween film being released in theaters next month, Halloween seems to be everywhere. For those of us who are huge fans of the film its a magical time, because it means the buzz around Halloween is turning into a ton of new content from its stars and the Horror Master himself John Carpenter.

Rotten Tomatoes has released a two-part oral history of Halloween featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter. In the first part the two discuss the making of the film and their thoughts on how the character Michael Myers has endured for the last four decades. And while Curtis puts her spin on why she feels “The Shape” has endured, when she gets real about it you’re going to chuckle.

In the second part, Curtis and Carpenter explore the legacy of Laurie Strode and the “cascading trauma” of the character that leads to Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018. In the end, we also learn what Laurie Strode has taught Jamie Lee Curtis over Halloween’s 40-year run, and her answer chokes her up a bit.

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