John Carpenter to Receive Golden Coach Award at This Years Cannes Film Festival

Variety has reported that Horror Master John Carpenter will be recognized at a sidebar of this year’s Cannes Film Festival when he receives the 2019 Golden Coach Award (Carrosse d’Or).

Carpenter, who of course is responsible for horror classics like Halloween, The Fog, and Christine will be presented the award on May 15, the opening night of the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. Carpenter was selected for the award by the French Directors’ Guild, who called Carpenter “a creative genius of raw, fantastic and spectacular emotions.”

In its letter to Carpenter, the directors’ guild said that each of his films “enhances the irresistible delight of staging. In each of them, the work on space, on what is off-screen, on the visible and on the invisible, is constantly renewed and regenerated in order to redefine fear – a fear that is always prone to trigger emotions in characters and actors who have now become iconic,” including Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau and Kurt Russell.

But the accolades for Carpenter didn’t end with his directorial chops, the guild also gave a nod to Carpenter’s composer credits recognizing the filmmakers contribution to film soundtracks and their inspiration on the French electronic music scene.

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