‘JAWS’ the Board Game is Hitting Store Shelves Just In Time for Summer

A lot of people in the horror community have the annual 4th of July tradition of watching Steven Spielberg’s class film JAWS. This year you can extend the fun of your JAWS celebration by inviting over a few friends to play Ravensburger’s new officially licensed JAWS game.

JAWS board game
(Image: Ravensburger)

JAWS is a tabletop strategy game for two to four players, and yes, someone gets to be the shark. The game is broken out into two acts, much like the film. In the first act, one player plays as the three-ton great white and prowls the waters around Amity island attacking swimmers and trying to avoid capture. The remaining players play as Brody, Hooper, or Quint and attempt to locate the massive shark while also saving the unsuspecting swimmers.

Once the shark is located, the game board is flipped and the second act begins.

In Act 2: The Orca, you relive the climactic battle aboard the slowly sinking boat, Orca. Not knowing where the player controlling the shark will strike next, the human players must work together to stop the shark before it completely dismantles their boat.

The game takes about an hour to complete and in this version of JAWS, the shark could win.

JAWS is coming to Target stores on June 23, 2019 and will cost $29.99.

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