Keep The Halloween Spirit Alive with Hulu’s Six Part Anthology “The House”

The official Halloween holiday may be behind us, but for those of us who celebrate the Halloween spirit 365 days a year, there is still plenty of Halloween fun to be had.  As the month of October got busier there were apparently a number of things that flew under my radar, one of those things was Hulu’s ‘Huluween.’  During the last week of October Hulu kicked off a series of special horror and Halloween offerings, part of which included a Hulu original six-part anthology series called The House.

The six short horror films that make up The House all revolve around a central theme of, you guessed it, a house.  Four of the six shorts tell the story of a different haunted house each in a different time and a different place.  Though independent of one another two episodes of The House actually reveal how each home is connected through a dark origin.  The anthology’s final short Origins, even suggests other famous houses like that in The Exorcist and the Amityville house are also tied to these strange occurrences.

In addition to the six shorts, Hulu also created two special VR experiences, The Reckoning and The Tower, which tie into the films and immerse you in the third and fifth episode of the anthology, but from the killer’s perspective.  While many might want to write off the VR experiences, if you can, I would recommend viewing them.  I experienced both and they gave some nice added context to the films, and The Reckoning even features some strong VR scares.

You can check out The House on Hulu and experience the bonus VR content through the Hulu app on your VR device.  The first three episodes were apparently free during ‘Huluween” however now it appears you need a Hulu subscription to watch them.  You can check out the rest of the Huluween offerings, which include TV yule log-like “Haunted Screens” and “Frights and Insights” interviews with the casts and crews of movies like The Monster Squad and Fright Night on the Hulu Huluween page.

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