Kickstarter Campaign Hopes To Fund Vintage Halloween Themed Tarot Deck

Even if you don’t practice or believe in Tarot, there are a ton of great decks on the market that are worth investing in for their artwork alone.  Some of my favorites include The Gothic Tarot, The Steampunk Tarot, the Everyday Witch Tarot, and the Halloween Tarot.  But now, there is a new vintage Halloween-themed deck in the works that is looking to get funded via Kickstarter.  Trick or Tarot is positioning itself as “the definitive seasonal tarot” and with just two weeks left in the campaign, it’s only about $2,000 short of its $13,000 goal as of the time of this writing.

The deck is being developed by Duck Soup Productions, which funded its first tarot deck, Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi via Kickstarter three years ago and has since produced a number of other decks in the same vein.  Though it may seem like a novelty deck, Trick or Tarot aims to be more than that, stressing that each card has been “carefully crafted with an eye towards the traditional themes and symbols of the Tarot” and is “designed as a working pack aimed at practitioner and novice alike.”

The goal is to produce the cards in two editions, and almost-standard size 2.89” x 4.75” edition and a limited “Super-Spooky Size” edition with 3.5” x 5.75” cards featuring black foil edging and packaged in a sturdy two-piece box.

In addition to the cards, Duck Soup is also creating a Bogie Book with cover art based on vintage Dennison’s Party Goods catalogs, which is available in various rewards packages as well as an add on and will feature:

  • Card meanings
  • Unique spreads
  • Halloween History
  • Halloween Games & Activities
  • and more

The artwork for the entire deck is completed and can be seen here, but I’ve included a sampling of some of my favorites below:

Five of the cards from the Trick or Tarot deck
Duck Soup Productions
Five of the Trick or Tarot cards
Duck Soup Productions


The Kickstarter for this project ends on Saturday, July 29 and like all Kickstarter’s, various pledges offer various rewards packages, which range from digital versions of the decks to physical copies of both deck sizes, to having your name listed as an acknowledgement in either the deck’s Little White Book or the Bogie Book.  To back the project or learn more about it check out the Trick or Tarot Kickstarter page.

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