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Artist Yosiell Lorenzo Announces Kickstarter for Victorian Halloween Inspired Major Arcana Tarot Deck

If you were keeping up with my Instagram account during this year’s Midsummer Scream, you likely saw the work of artist Yosiell Lorenzo when I showcased some of my favorite vendors from the event.  Yoseill’s artwork is inspired by the Victorian Era and his The Orphans of Dudleytown illustrations were among some of my favorites at the show.  The Orphans are ghostly kids from the Victorian era who love all things spooky and Halloween and sprinkled throughout his works are known characters like Wednesday Addams or Lydia Deetz in a similar styling. Throughout the year Yosiell has been teasing images of a Major Arcana Tarot Deck he’s been working on and yesterday he launched his first Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the project.

The Orphan’s Major Arcana Tarot Deck will consist of 22 cards featuring his Orphans of Dudleytown and inspired by the classic Rider Waite Deck. The deck features the Victorian aesthetic and vintage Halloween charm Yoseill’s work is known for and will come with a custom-printed box and instruction booklet including a loose description of each card.

Yoseill’s goal for the campaign is $12,000 and he is offering a variety of rewards for pledges, with the lowest reward starting at a pledge of just $5.  For a pledge as low as $19 the deck can be yours when its released or for $30 or more you can get the deck signed and personalized.  To learn more about the campaign, view additional higher tiered rewards or to back the project visit The Orphans Major Arcana Deck on Kickstarter.  I know I’ll be putting my pledge in when I get paid later this week.

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