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LEGO Builder Recreates Battle Between Finn and The Lich from Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a favorite in my household.  It’s among the handful of cartoons my kids and I make an effort to watch together when we have time, so when the Brothers Brick shared the work of Tim Lydy, a LEGO builder who has created Adventure Time vignettes for Blocks Magazine, I was excited.  Lydy has shared three of his works on his Flickr account but went on to create five total Adventure Time vignettes for the March 2017 issue of Blocks Magazine.  One of the largest pieces featured was Finn vs The Lich, an interpretation of one of the final scenes from the Adventure Time episode “Mortal Folly.  While Lydy’s interpretation doesn’t capture the faceoff at the Well of Power perfectly, his LEGO equivalent of the Lich is incredible.

Finn vs The Lich

In the description of the piece on Flickr, Lydy revealed some interesting tidbits about the history of the project. Though the piece appeared in the March 2017 issue of Blocks Magazine, The Lich had actually been completed in early 2016. He was later incorporated into the larger piece featuring the Well of Power, Finn, and Jake for the Blocks Magazine spread.

Another interesting fact about this piece is that Lydy used upwards of forty LEGO minifigure capes to create the single, grey, tattered looking cape he wears on his back. “Notably however, nothing is actually tied down on the figure! The felt like texture of the capes (specifically their undersides) cause them to inherently stick to one another, which along with the string looped between them, causes them to merge into one durable ‘piece’,” writes Lydy on Flickr.

The Lich will be on display at Brickworld Chicago in June.

h/t: The Brothers Brick

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