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LEGO Pennywise Is Just As Haunting as the Real Thing

If you’ve followed All Hallows Geek for a while, you’re likely familiar with LEGO builder Tim Lydy. Earlier this year I shared his work when he recreated the battle between Finn and the Lich from Adventure Time and a month later when he debuted an animated LEGO display mash-up featuring Jason, Freddy, Pennywise and Scooby-Doo and the gang.  Tonight Stephen King’s IT comes to theaters in an all new feature film and to commemorate the release, Lydy has released images of an all new terrifying creation, this time a bust of coulrophobia-inducing clown Pennywise.


According to his post on Flickr, Lydy’s original plan was to create a full figure of Pennywise, but settled on a “great bust” after realizing the scale, time, and parts count would prevent him from completing it before the movie’s release.  The Pennywise bust took Lydy around eight to 10 hours to build and is one of the largest figures he has ever constructed.  The project will remain in Lydy’s personal collection and he plans to show the piece at conventions in the future.

If you like your clowns more cutesy than creepy, Lydy also created some more family friendly BrickHeadz last month, complete with paper boat.

Here...take IT

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