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Mezco Teases Living Dead Dolls Series 34 with Bizarre Ghost Story

Last month the Living Dead Dolls Facebook Page began sharing posts and information about the town of Wassen Hole and the bizarre happenings unfolding in the town.  The posts left many fans wondering what the posts had to do with Living Dead Dolls, but thanks to Mezco’s latest newsletter we now know.  Wassen Hole, East Dakota (no that’s not a misprint, it’s really called East Dakota) is the backdrop for the upcoming series 34 Living Dead Dolls.

The fictional town, which is celebrating its bicentennial, was built on the backs of coal miners in the 1800’s.  Now as the town celebrates its 200th anniversary, mysterious happenings have plagued the area.  Each unusual event is being documented on the Wassen Hole Bicentennial Facebook Page, where Mezco and the Living Dead Dolls team have gone to great lengths to not only post as things “happen,” but generate fictional comments from townspeople that move the story along.  Since the page launched a reverend has gone mad, a bank’s re-opening was desecrated, the town’s mayor is in a coma after a coughing fit during a speech, a prize-winning pig spontaneously combusted, and two townspeople were brutally murdered by kamikaze canaries during a town picnic.  What’s behind the horror this town is facing?  Nobody knows for sure, but images posted from the scene of each tragedy reveal ghostly images of children believed to be from the town’s past.

Collection of photos revealing ghostly images from the town of Wassen Hole
Images from the tragedies in Wassen Hole from the Wassen Hole Bicentenial Facebook page

Have the children of the mine’s original owners come back on the anniversary of the town’s founding to seek revenge?  Guess we’ll have to keep following the events of Wassen Hole via Facebook to find out and uncover the backstories of the series 34 Living Dead Dolls.

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