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Mezco Toys Releases Images of Living Dead Dolls 34

Earlier this week, Mezco Toys announced the start of pre-sale ordering for Living Dead Dolls series 34.  Over the last few months, the dolls had been teased through a Facebook Page for a fictional town called Wassen Hole, East Dakota.  As the release of the dolls grew nearer strange things began to happen in the town and ghostly images of the dolls appeared at the scene, with the images being shared on the town’s Facebook Page.  This paired with “found” journal entries uncovered the backstory of series 34’s dolls, which were a group of children who were lowered into a mine to retrieve gold for the founding families only to be left for dead after they stopped delivering the goods.  With the pre-order we got the names of the series 34 dolls, but today we got some faces to match the names, and this time they aren’t hidden within the scene of a crime.

“From deep within a collapsed mine called the Devil’s Vein rise five spirits— deceived by a greedy town and foresaken by their families—bringing hell to those who have trespassed upon their fated souls.”

Meet Tommy Knocker, Ash Lee, Soot, Coalette, and Canary, the series 34 Living Dead Dolls.

Living Dead Dolls Series 34
Mezco Toys

You can view additional pictures of the dolls and pre-order series 34 on the Mezco Toys website.  To catch up on the story of Wassen Hole be sure to check out their Facebook Page.

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