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Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Coming To Theaters This Summer in 3D

Michael Jackson with Thriller zombies

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is a classic.  Growing up I loved this music video and would listen to the song on repeat (which back then meant I had to rewind the tape).  These days “Thriller” marks the start of Halloween season for the general populous.   When I hear “Thriller” amidst the regular playlists on the radio, I know that the rest of the world is ready to celebrate Halloween.  This summer, fans of the iconic song and video are in for a treat.  According to New York Daily News, the video’s original director, John Landis, is currently reworking the 14-minute video to be released in 3D.

According to the story, Landis has taken the original 1982 film, cleaned it up and created something unique for the 2017 re-release.  Along with the re-launch, a new documentary exploring the creation of this iconic music video will be released.

“Michael’s vision before his death was to bring ‘Thriller’ to movie theaters and use IMAX and 3D technology to make fans feel they are in the video with him”

The movie release marks the 35th anniversary of the “Thriller” album launch.

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