Monsters Coming to LEGO Worlds Just In Time For Halloween

LEGO Worlds Monsters DLC Coming October 2017

If you’ve been to my about page you’ve probably noticed I’m quite the fan of the LEGO Monsters.  My wife bought me the full series of Monster Hunters sets when they came out years ago, and we were quick to collect the Monsters Minifigures series when they were released in 2015.  So I was excited when I heard that the Monsters are coming to LEGO Worlds this October.

The Monsters will be part of a DLC pack that is set to be released in October 2017 and includes Monster Town which is filled with quests, builds, creatures, and vehicles to add to your collection. However, Nintendo Switch gamers will have the chance to get their hands on it early as it will be included in the physical release coming to Switch on September 5.

From the release:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group announced that Monsters, the second downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds, will be available in October for $3.99. The Monsters Pack adds Monster Town, a peculiar place full of scary quests, terrifying creatures, haunted houses and ghastly vehicles sure to send chills down players’ spines. In Monster Town, Halloween is celebrated every day! But delinquent zombies are taking their trick-or-treating a bit too seriously. Players must use their LEGO brick building skills to repair the damage and scare away the zombies with tricks of their own.

h/t: The Brick Fan

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