A List of the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup Pack Locations

Minecraft is one game I never really got into.  I dig the concept, I like some of the various monsters from the game, but I just don’t have the time or patience to mine and build up a world of my own.  That said, when I heard they had launched a Minecraft Adventure Time Mash-Up I wanted to check it out.  So yesterday, with the help of my daughter we toured the land of Ooo on the Xbox One and here are some of the recognizable locations from the show I was able to find during my first run.

Finn & Jake’s Treehouse

When you start off in the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup, this is where you’ll start.  The home of Jake the Dog and Finn the human.  This is pretty iconic, so needless to say it wasn’t that hard to find.

Finn and Jake's Treehouse in Minecraft Adventure Time mashup

Ice Kingdom

If you look closely you can see the peaks of the icy mountains that make up the Ice Kingdom in the background of Finn and Jakes treehouse.  Again, easily recognizable and noticable from the start of the game, the Ice Kingdom and the Ice King’s Tower are another iconic location you can visit in the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup.  One part of the Ice Kingdom that was just outside of this photo is Gunter’s igloo, which you can also visit.

Ice King's Ice Kingdom in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Candy Kingdom

One of the largest kingdoms in Ooo and definitely the largest in the game is the Candy Kingdom.  Another easily noticeable Kingdom as you venture through Ooo is the Candy Kingdom, home to Princess Bubblegum and the Candy People.  The Candy Kingdom along with its many shops and homes can all be explored.

The Candy Kingdom in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Lady Rainicorn’s House

Just outside of the Candy Kingdom you’ll find the home to Jake’s main squeeze Lady Rainicorn.  For the game, they have recreated the barn’s heart windows and have made sure to include the farm’s silo in the distance.

Lady Rainicorn's House in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Fire Kingdom

Though the Fire Kingdom is contained within the earth in the Adventure Time TV series, you don’t have to do any digging to find it in the Minecraft Adventure Time game.  Located on an island surrounded by lava, the Fire Kingdom looks cool, but it didn’t seem to have much more to offer at first glance.

Minecraft Fire Kingdom

Breakfast Kingdom

Next door to the Fire Kingdom you’ll find the Breakfast Kingdom.  Ruled by Breakfast Princess, Toast Princes, and Strudel Princess and home to the Breakfast People, the Breakfast Kingdom and its coffee arch can easily be seen from a distance in the game making it fairly easy to find on your journey.

Minecraft Breakfast Kingdom

Mountain Man & Mountain Village

Another prominent and fairly visible location that you’ll come across during your adventures in Ooo are Mountain Man and the neighboring Mountain Village.  Mountain Man can easily be seen towering over the horizon as you journey through Ooo and you can quickly explore the neighboring Mountain Village.

Images of Mountain Village and Mountain Man from Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup


Another one of the more prominent and noticeable structures as you venture through Ooo is MO Co.  To be honest, I couldn’t place the structure when we first came upon it but after doing some digging online I was quickly reminded of the pre-war factory that produced everybody’s favorite MO, BMO.  For the sake of time, I didn’t enter the dilapidated factory, so its contents are still a mystery to me.

The pre-war MO Co. Factory in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Castle Lemongrab

On the outskirts of Ooo is Castle Lemongrab.  Aside from the islands, which we’ll get to shortly this is the last of the larger structures that are easily noticed from a distance while navigating through Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup.

Castle Lemongrab in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup


As you make your way through Ooo you’ll come across a number of smaller, more hidden structures as well.  There were a couple I came across that I know aren’t typically part of Minecraft, but I couldn’t identify them from the show.  The ones I could identify I’ve included here.  Most of the structures are homes to various residents from the Land of Ooo.

Normal Man’s House

Originally the home of Normal Man, AKA Magic Man, this run down old house and surrounding junk were more recently home to Betty Groff, the human-turned-wizard who was once the fiancée of the Ice King in his human form.  Like in the show the home as well as the nearby bus both have trees growing through them in the game.

The former home of Normal Man in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Tree Trunks’ House

Like Normal Man’s House, Tree Trunks’ House is tucked away among the lush forests of Ooo.  Home to everyone’s favorite little sassy elephant, Tree Trunks’ house is tiny, but inside you’ll find a chest with some apples and a pie, which is just another one of those little details that made exploring the land of Ooo as a fan of Adventure Time that much more enjoyable.

Tree Trunks' House in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Veggie Village

I never understood why this was called a village since it was only one house, but the Veggie Village is another one of the smaller home structures you’ll find in the game.  Home to Stanley the Watermelon and the rest of the Veggie people this was one of the more obscure nods to the show I found on the map.  What I did find amusing was that the structure had two watermelons planted in front of it, so needless to say if you harvested and ate these melons you’d likely be muching on Stanley and one of his kin.

Minecraft Adventure Time Veggie Village

Marceline’s House

Though I saved Marceline’s house for last in this list of homes, it was one of the first structures I went on the hunt for while playing the game.  Marceline, the Vampire Queen is by far my favorite Adventure Time character and I wanted to scope out what kind of details were given to her home.  Since I discovered the Fire Kingdom above ground in the game I half expected to find Marceline’s house out in the open as well, perhaps just surrounded by trees like some of the other residences, but like in the show, Marceline’s house is a little bit harder to come by.  Hidden within a cave you’re going to have to do some serious searching to find the location.

Marceline's House in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

Interestingly, Marceline’s cave also houses a portal to the nether, but for this game, it seems to have been reimagined as the Nightosphere, home to Marceline’s dad, complete with Ghasts recreated to look like those funky half-faced monster things from the show.


Some more prominent structures that appear in the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup weren’t even introduced to fans until this past January as part of the Adventure Time miniseries ‘Islands,’ where Finn finally meets other humans and we learn the backstory of not only Finn, but also Susan Strong.  In the new Adventure Time map, all three islands Finn and his friends encounter in the show exist, along with minor locations that appear in the episodes but didn’t necessarily exist geographically where they appear in the game.  Note, if you haven’t watched the Islands miniseries yet there are some spoilers ahead.

The Shack

Though it only has a brief part in the series, the shack where Finn briefly finds shelter after first getting stranded on the islands can be found in the map.  Like in the episode, the shack borders an area of desert heat as well as snow.

The Shack from Islands in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

BVR Island

The home of “better virtual reality” this is the second island we see in the Islands miniseries and it’s where Finn and Jake find BMO after they were separated in a shipwreck Jake-wreck.  This is also the first island Finn encounters humans on, but now that they live through Virtual Reality alone, they are mere shells of the humans they used to be.  What disappointed me most about this island is that I couldn’t find a cool series of tubes to shoot through to get to it.
The Virtual Reality Island from Adventure Time in Minecraft

Hub Island

On Hub Island you’ll find a number of features that Adventure Time fans will remember from the Islands miniseries.  The island includes the Helper Hospital where Finn’s mom worked as a Helper, the Merten’s home where Finn lived with his parents as a baby as well as the cave where Susan Strong, Finn, Jake, and BMO would find a ship to transport them to Founders Island in search for Finn’s mom.

Helper Hospital on Hub Island in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup
The hospital where Finn’s mom worked as a Helper and where she met Finn’s dad.

The Mertens home in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup
Another location that only appeared briefly in the miniseries, this structure is the home where Finn lived as a bay until he and his dad were forced to flee. Though. there were no sheep in the actual Adventure Time episode.
Hub Island
The small cave that housed the crafts that would take Finn and his friends to Founders Island to find more humans and ultimately his mom.

Founders Island

Home to the only remaining humans on earth, as well as what remains of Finn’s biological mom, Minerva, Founders Island is the final island Finn and his friends visit in the Islands miniseries and is the final island location in the Minecraft Mashup.

Founders Island in Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup

In addition to these special Adventure Time locations, there are some default Minecraft locations included in the map as well.  During our search of Ooo we also discovered a creeper temple as well as a Minecraft Village.  As mentioned previously there were also some smaller or fragmented structures or locations that may be Adventure Time related that just weren’t recognizable to me in Minecraft form, so it’s possible there are more locations that we haven’t discovered yet.  Have you played Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup?  Did you find any locations we didn’t mention? Let us know about them in the comments!

UPDATE: Cartoon Network posted on their Instagram account a teaser of a location, apparently the Slime Kingdom is somewhere in the game as well. If the video alludes to its location it may be located in or near the MO Co. factory we highlighted above.

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