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MTV is Getting an Exclusive Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ad That Uncovers the Terror of ‘Please Take One’

According to AdWeek, MTV is getting an exclusive Reese’s ad this Halloween filled with teenage tropes and the terror behind houses that leave out a bowl of candy with a sign that reads, “Please take one.”

The story is seen from the perspective of two notably unimpressed teenagers donning minimal accessories that barely pass for costumes. The boy in Groucho glasses and his partner in trick-or-treating, a casually dressed girl with cat ears, come face-to-face with some pretty astounding horrors.

In typical modern teenage fashion, they are unphased by any of the extreme horrors they face as they move house to house in search of candy, that is until they reach the last house with a bowl that says, “Please take one.” What they find finally elicits a reaction of terror. Check out the special spot, which will air during MTV’s Halloween-themed programming below.

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