Only Remaining Shark from ‘Jaws’ Getting A New Home at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures isn’t expected to open until next year, but the planned 300,00 square foot museum is already curating its collection and among the items expected to be on exhibit is the only remaining life-size model of the famous man-eating great white shark from Jaws.

Nicknamed “Bruce” by director Steven Spielberg, the shark is in the process of being restored by special effects legend Greg Nicotero, his studio KNB EFX, and the Academy Museum conservation team. Though never used in the film, the model is the only remaining shark produced using the same mold that created the sharks seen in the film Jaws.

Photos of the restoration of the great white shark model from Jaws
(Image: The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures)

This particular model was on display at Universal Studios Hollywood for nearly two decades before winding up in a Simi Valley junkyard. The team behind the restoration is working on repairing years of sun damage as well as providing Bruce with some cosmetic upgrades, including “Bruce’s famous toothy grin.”

During restoration Nicotero and his team have consulted with Jaws production designer Joe Alves and several original effects techs, including Cal Accord, Kevin Pike and Toy Arbogast in hopes of making Bruce look as close to film-likeness as possible.

The famous great white will be on display and ready for plenty of photo ops when the museum opens in Los Angeles next year.

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