PlayStation Classic MediEvil Is Getting a PS4 Remaster For Its 20th Anniversary

MediEvil, which will be remastered in 4K and released for the PS4 just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary in 2018.

For those unfamiliar with the MediEvil series, players take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a one-eyed, jawless skeleton knight who’s given a second chance at becoming a hero after he is accidentally resurrected by the same evil sorcerer who was responsible for his death.  Given the second chance, Daniel must defend the kingdom of Gallowmere from the sorcerer’s undead army and defeat the sorcerer in hopes of earning his place in the Hall of Heroes.

MediEvil has gained a cult following thanks to its unique horror-comedy tone and place as an early contributor to 3D gaming.

A release date was not included in the teaser trailer.

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