Programmer Brings The Ring’s Samara Straight From The TV Into Your Living Room In New AR Demo

There have been some interesting applications of augmented reality and horror over the last few years.  Last Summer Clever Fox debuted an AR haunted house at ScareLA, Mountain Dew and AMC teamed up for “The Walking Dead Encounter” AR game, Michael Jackson’s Halloween themed album Scream came with a special AR poster experience, and most recently Google unveiled their Stranger Things and Star Wars AR experiences for their Pixel phones.  Now, one programmer has brought one of the most terrifying cinematic moments of modern horror to life using AR.

In 2002 U.S. audiences were introduced to Samara, the terrifying young girl who emerged from the television seven days after watching a cursed video tape.  Now, 16 years later, programmer Abhishek Singh has recreated the signature sequence from the film and brought the horror of Samara to life. Once brought to life, there is no hiding from Samara, and as you can see from the video even if you flee she’s not far behind.


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