‘Roseanne’ Season 10 Will Not Feature a Halloween Episode

Sarah Bernhard and Roseanne Barr in the 'Roseanne' episode, "Halloween IV."

Last night Roseanne returned to ABC for its long-awaited 10th season.  The revival, which brought together the entire original cast for nine new episodes debuted to stellar ratings, with EW reporting an incredible 18.2 million viewers along with an equally impressive 5.1 rating among adults 18-49.  But for those of us who loved the original show, and more specifically the show’s Halloween episodes, we’ve been curious, would there be a Halloween episode?

I’d been skeptical ever since it was revealed the show would get a Spring premier instead of fall, and now it sounds like my hunch was right.  During a special Paley Center screening of the Roseanne revival, the cast and crew were asked about the return of the Halloween episodes and it was confirmed that there won’t be one this time around.  However, according to TV Insider, the cast promised “relics” of Halloween past will pop up in the season.

Despite missing out on Halloween for season 10, the cast, crew and fans are all hopeful that there is more Roseanne to come, meaning that even if we don’t get a Halloween episode this season, it doesn’t mean we can’t in the future.

UPDATE: On March 30, ABC announced that Roseanne would be picked up for an 11th season.  Shortly after the announcement the show’s namesake and creator Roseanne Barr tweeted the following.  Looks like we’ll get a new Halloween episode in season 11!

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