Satan, Meets The Grinch, Meets Nightmare Before Christmas in New Holiday Film from Anomaly

What do you get when Satan gets a dose of hope, opts to change his ways and then ultimately saves Christmas?  You get the all-new animated Christmas short “Dear Satan” from London ad agency Anomaly.

Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, the short tells the story of what happens when a little girl named Hope mistakingly sends a letter to Satan instead of Santa asking for a puppy.  The kind sentiments, which deviate from Satan’s usual hate mail, cause Satan to feel a “sweet aching in his chest.”

Like The Grinch when his heart grew three sizes, Satan tries to go the straight and narrow, wearing yoga pants and friendship bracelets while giving lectures on tolerance and quoting Ghandi.  The change causes Satan to be cast from Hell to live on earth, where he would have been more than content had he not uncovered the truth about the letter on the night before Christmas.  In his fury Satan reduces Santa to ash leaving the fate of the holiday in limbo, but in a Nightmare Before Christmas like twist Christmas is saved despite the passing of Jolly St. Nick.

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