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ScareLA 2017 Reveals a Dark Zone of Epic Proportions!

In our interview with ScareLA founder Lora Ivanova she gave us a high-level overview of this year’s new larger, more immersive dark experience, Scarywood.  The spooky out-of-place and out-of-time town will allow fans to mingle with ghoulish residents, and explore its creepy carnival, spooky streets and more!  And now ScareLA has shared additional details on what this 60,000 square foot dark hall will include.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the world premiere of Flatline, a groundbreaking new virtual reality experience where the audience will experience having a near death experience in the back of a real ambulance and going to the other side and coming back irreversibly changed.

If VR isn’t your thing you can take a stab (pun intended) at ‘Rose Macbeth,’ the two-time Developers Choice Award winning game from Wise Guys Events that recreates the climactic scene of a horror film where the protagonist is being hunted by an unseen villain.  In simpler terms, it’s a blindfolded knife fight in a graveyard…

Scarywood will also feature an exclusive AR experience from Clever Fox and director, Dekker Deyer, titled The Summoning.  In it, a group of explorers will enter the basement of the Magnolia Hotel and with their smartphones reveal a hidden dimension of the gruesome and untouched crime scene of occultist Raphael Davidson who went on a killing spree in 1987.

Zombies will also be afoot thanks to the “ZTag Zombie Infection Arena” an interactive game experience where four groups of humans are tasked with discussing the future of ‘The Safe Zone’, an area inhabited by humans after Los Angeles was destroyed by the undead.  Fans can choose which group to join, including the undead and will have free will as to whom they will award their loyalty.

Finally, Scarywood will house the UV blacklight maze “Debis’ Halloween 3D” a surreal experience with monsters abound.

ScareLA will take place on August 5-6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Tickets for the convention are still available for purchase, but all monsters must act now before quantities die out!

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