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Slimer from ‘Ghostbusters’ Gets a Life-Size Prop Replica from

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If you’re a “Ghostbusters” fan who always wanted their very own Slimer, you’re in luck because a life-size prop replica of the fan-favorite ghost is now available from

Designed to look just like the iconic character from the original “Ghostbusters” film, Slimer stands approximately three feet tall and features a realistic paint job that gives the character a wet or slimy appearance. Made of latex and foam, the figure can sit on any flat surface or be positioned on a soft post thanks to the figure’s hollow structure.

The all-new Slimer prop was created for by Halloween prop veterans Distortions Unlimited, known for its high-quality and authentic-looking props and animatronics.

The new Slimer prop is available now from for $499.99.

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