Sneak Peak at a Sampling of AVON’s 2017 Halloween Products

AVON isn’t a name you hear that often these days, but I’m always interested in seeing their Halloween offerings.  Over the last few years the quality of their products has greatly improved and the various decor and novelty pieces align closely with something you might find in Target around Halloween.  Though their Halloween products aren’t due out for a few more months, I got my hands on a preview of some of the products they’ll be offering come Halloween season.  The image below is from a future catalog and features a handful of the items expected to be released.  I’ve blurred out pricing and other product information as this information hasn’t officially been released yet.

AVON Halloween 2017

The items included in this spread are:

  • Eye on You Motion Activated Doorbell
  • Motion Activated Book of Spells (As you pass by, you’ll see the quill pen move and rotate on its own as witch cackles and screams)
  • Set of 3 Mini Cauldron Snack Holders
  • Lantern with Seasonal Decals (Includes 4 sets of reusable decals for each season)
  • Set of 2 Mini Spider Bowls
  • Day of the Dead Pet Figures
  • Day of the Dead Candelabra

These products along with any other Halloween themed products or decor will likely be available sometime in August from your local AVON rep.

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