AVON’s Full 2017 Halloween Offerings From Their Upcoming Living Catalog

Last month I posted a sneak peek at some of the 2017 Halloween offerings from AVON.  At the time it was just a handful of items from an upcoming demo catalog, but I’ve since gotten my hands on everything that will be released in their Campaign 19-22 2017 AVON living catalog.  On top of a slew of fall decor and kitchen items are some fun Halloween offerings to look forward to.

Motion activated book of speels, eye on you motion activated doorbell, mini cauldron snack holders, seasonal lantern, and spider web tablecloth

The majority of the above collection we saw in the sneak peek, but now we have prices to go with the items.  If Halloween baking is what gets you excited about the season there are some fun items available for you as well, including a Witch’s Fingers Baking Pan, which can be used to mold cookies or candies for this popular Halloween treat.  Looking to create some creepy cookies, consider the Halloween Decorative Baker’s Stencils, and when you’re done, display all your treats atop the 2-Tiered Web Server.

Non-stick baking mat, Witch's Fingers Baking Pan, Halloween Decorative Baker's Stencils, and 2-Tiered Web Server

If your Halloween style meshes with the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, AVON has a full skeleton crew that is perfect for your Halloween decor or to celebrate the November release of Disney-Pixar’s Coco.  Items include a Day of the Dead Candelabra, Day of the Dead Pet Figures, or a Day of the Dead Hanging Skull.  You can also scare up some fun with glow-in-the-dark reusable Haunted Wall Decals.

A Day of the Dead Candelabra, Pet Figures, and Hanging Skull along with more details about AVON's 2017 motion activated offerings.

Though this appears to be all of the 2017 offerings from the AVON living collection, there are likely to be additional items revealed later this year in the standard AVON catalog, such as jewelry, makeup and the like.  The above items are available as part of campaigns 19-22 and should be available online or from your local AVON rep as early as August, but can vary by region.

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